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2005年11月       第一回個展           大黒屋ギャラリー

2010年11月       第二回個展           ギャラリーナミキ

2013年11月       第三回個展           円鳥洞画廊

2017年6月     第四回個展     銀座アートホール

2018年6月     第五回個展     ホテル椿山荘東京 アートギャラリー

2021年11月   第六回個展     北井画廊


2022年5月   ニューヨーク「MONTSERRAT CONTEMPORARY ART」(1年間常設展示)

2023年7月   ニューヨーク「MONTSERRAT CONTEMPORARY ART」”Spotlight”(企画展示)

2023年11月   ニューヨーク「MONTSERRAT CONTEMPORARY ART」”Spotlight”(企画展示)


2019年       ArtExpo New York       

2020年     LA Art Show


2009年            ウェルネスシステム研究所 ロゴ制作

2011年    学優舎 看板文字執筆   

2015年    東急ステイ新宿 エレベーターホール設置作品制作

2016年        熱海TENSUI  ロゴ制作

2017年    東急ステイ京都 エレベーターホール設置作品制作

2020年    ウィルネスシステム研究所 リニューアルロゴ作成

Miho Ishimoto


Japanese calligrapher

Ishimoto creates high-quality works of classical calligraphy that draw on her years of study of Japanese and Chinese history. At the same time, her works have a feeling of novelty that harmonize with contemporary artistic and commercial themes as well as urban and rustic backgrounds.


In her creations, Ishimoto understands and applies not only the image associated with the theme or background but also the characteristics of each calligraphy style, while at the same time being aware of the features of brush, ink and paper that create possibilities for developing different styles. This synthesis of style and material allows the direction of her work to avoid narrow bounds to instead explore a wide range of expressive creativity. In addition to employing traditional calligraphy techniques, she also uses a variety of tools and materials including those not typically found in the classical tradition. She achieves a certain value by designing her own framing.


Ishimoto also creates logo designs and signboard lettering among her pursuit of calligraphic applications.


Ishimoto owns a calligraphy school and contracts with companies and organizations in the Tokyo metropolitan area to teach calligraphy classes to a wide range of students, from young children to senior citizens and from students to professionals.


She has also in recent years travelled to China to deepen her knowledge of and professional training in classical calligraphy by studying ancient forms of Chinese calligraphy.


​Solo Exhibition History


November 2021               6th exhibition              Gallery KITAI

June 2018                5th exhibition              Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo Art Gallery

May 2017                 4th exhibition              Ginza Art Hall

November 2013               3rd exhibition              Enchodo Gallery

November 2010               2nd exhibition             Gallery Namiki

November 2005               1st exhibition              DAIKOKUYA Gallery

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